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The Flock


Aims at establishing a permanent sustainable hub and forum center for inter- cultural dialogue between migrant and host communities in Scotland and Glasgow in particular.


A town that grew with dramatic speed over the years from the Industrial Revolution, through the influx of peoples from the Scottish Highlands, Ireland, England, Poland, India, Pakistan, China, the Caribbean and the African continent. We seek to highlight and show case Glasgow as a city that has experienced constant change and adaptation from its period as an ‘Imperial City’ as ‘the Second City of the Empire’ the ‘Athens of the North’, ‘European City of Culture’ ‘UNESCO City of Music’  and ‘Second City of Shopping’.

‘People do make Glasgow’ and Glaswegians whilst ferociously proud of their city, are amazingly warm and open to outsiders who are making serious efforts to understand it. Honorary Scotians takes its cue from the narrative of Scotland’s transformation from being a nation of emigrants to one of immigrants- New Scots and Affinity Scots.


We seek to be part of the enlarging and broadening of the discourse and understanding of the pulling power of Glasgow as a city, its, buzz, its excitement, it’s sense of style and of its own importance whilst upholding that its thoroughly working- class spirit made Scotland’s largest city, its finest.


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